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A mixing proposal for *BAND NAME

Written by Luc Chiasson

Image by Jonathan Velasquez


You've put your heart and soul into your music

Music is a powerful form of expression. It requires an insane amount of time and energy just to create. As an artist, you have to be vulnerable, and allow yourself to be put out there for the world to judge.

This is a reality most people will never understand or experience, and often times musicians and songwriters go under appreciated for the amount of effort they put into their art.

This is why you should never settle. Never allow yourself to compromise on the quality of your music. It should heard the way it was intended to, and anything short of that will only disappoint you in the long run.

This is where I come in. I've been there. I know the experience of developing my skills, playing gigs, and networking to make sure my music was appreciated. I care about artists, and I want to help them achieve the vision that they have for their music.

By the end of this proposal, my goal is to convince you that I am the right person to take you to the finish line. But it requires that you put in 110% of yourself into your work.


If this doesn't sound like something you're ready for, then I encourage you to stop here. But if you resonate with the idea, and are ready to level up your career, then let's get down to business...

Studio Microphone
Start Here

Get to know...


Hi, I'm Luc!

I'm a multi-genre producer and audio engineer from Toronto, Canada. I've been recording and producing music professionally since 2015, and have had a the oppurtunity to work with many local and international artists such as Flowerless, Itus, and Dan James Griffin.

I'm no stranger to this business, and I've been fortunate enough to work for studios such as Revolution Recording and Lynx Music here in Toronto. I was also a guest speaker for a young music producer panel at 2019's Indie Week Canada.

What I do want you to understand is that I genuinely care about making great music. While some people take on artists to pay the bills, I'm more concerned about making cool and unique records.

I want you to feel like your music is in the right hands. And even though I don't own a "big fancy studio", I can guarantee you're only getting the premium service your music deserves. 

- Luc

Meet Luc
So, what do you get?

What does a full production entail?

What You Get



Let's make those guitars sound HUGE

You've probably spent a long time getting sweet guitar tones – and I respect that. In fact, I will NEVER immediately jump to replacing guitar sounds without trying to use the source material first.

But for some of you, I want to make sure that you're getting all the help you need. Some of you may even want to take advantage of the selection of gear I have to get your sound PERFECT.

With my help at no additional cost, I will always give you the option to find the ideal tones for you and your mix. 


Get that modern sound

No matter how you feel about drum samples, there's no doubt they have become a staple in modern drum production. For those of you interested in getting that powerful consistent drum sound you hear all across the charts, I will help you get there with access to my vast drum sample library.

With products from Drumforge, Toontrack, Steven Slate, Room Sound, and many many more, there are ZERO excuses for whimpy drum syndrome.

And don't worry, I will ALWAYS have a conversation about your comfort with samples BEFORE mixing begins.


Making sure your music is exactly where it needs to be before we mix

Whether you recorded with another professional or at home in your basement studio, I will always offer help with technical questions and mix preparation. 

If the tracks aren't great at the source, I will be there to help guide you to getting them where they need to be for me to properly do my part. After all, you can't polish turds.

This is a win/win situation, and it will not only make my job easier, but make the end product amazing.


Everything you'd expect from hiring me

This is the most obvious, but it goes without saying. You expect a high level mix, so I will do everything to deliver that for you. 

This will include, but is not limited to:

Balancing, EQ, Compression, Limiting, FX, Automation, Making things sound awesome, etc


This is included, but optional

I almost always mix into a mastering chain, so it would only be fair I include that into the pricing. This also means what you hear is EXACTLY what you're getting; there are no surprises.

If you do choose to work with an outsider mastering engineer (which I do often recommend), I would be happy to recommend a few that I have worked with, who would be more than happy to do the job if availability permits. These costs however, are not included in this proposal budget, so please ensure you have a conversation with me before hand.


Let's tweak to make it right


For all mixing projects, I offer 3 rounds of revisions. The process will usually go something like this:

  1. I mix the song and deliver my progress for revision notes

  2. You'll spend a couple days with the mix, and conduct a document with all requested changes compiled by you and your bandmates.

  3. I get back the notes and go through the points one-by-one. When complete I send you the revision draft for any additional changes.

  4. We repeat steps 2 & 3 up to 2 more times until you are satisfied with the mix.

  5. ???

  6. Profit

I normally only allow 3 rounds of revisions so we do not get carried away with unimportant details. If a final change is small, or I mess up, I am usually happy to extend the number of rounds to get the song perfect. If you abuse this privilege however, I will be forced to decline further requests and send you the most complete version of the mix.

After all, you are hiring me for my ear. So if I'm not getting it in the ballpark right off the bat, you may find it more beneficial to look elsewhere for someone more suitable for your sound. 

What's NOT included

What not to expect from this experience

What You Don't Get


This is NOT mixing

Editing is a very necessary step, but I do not offer editing for the cost mixing your song. If your track needs a small tweak here or there, I will take the initiative to make changes myself, but I am NOT responsible for editing your performances.

If editing is required, I will be sure to communicate it to you before starting the mix, and am able to offer it in addition to the mix for an extra charge.

Editing is a labour intensive job, and would increase the time required to work on your track.


Includes additional instruments, FX, arrangements, etc

*This one comes with a disclaimer because its a bit of a grey area.

When mixing, I will sometimes add little FX tracks to enhance the song. This includes bass drops, risers, additional samples, etc to lift the emotion and vibe for the track. I do this because I believe it will better the song without changing the songwriting itself.

However, I am NOT responsible for adding additional arrangements and songwriting based production to your songs, such as string arrangements, additional guitars, synths, etc.

If I do feel that the additional production would benefit your songs, I will communicate it to you before the mix, and work out additional costs or hire the correct personnel to get the job done. 

You are not hiring me to be your producer, so therefore I can't offer this as part of my mixing service because it requires more creative input. Like always however, I am more than happy to offer consulting for these services, and work something out so your songs are at their best!

The Process and Timescale

Here's my 7-step process for full production clients

The Process and Timescale



This is where you are now. 

This gives you a full detailed overview of the project, what to expect, and how to proceed.

Please review this with all band members, management, and label executives.



Once you've reviewed and approved the proposal, I will send you an invoice for the costs of services

Please note, this figure may change based on any additional service requests made during the mixing process.



Once the invoice is paid, we will discuss possible start dates.

Keep in mind, there are no guarantees until the invoice is paid. There are no exceptions to this rule.



Sometime between the invoice and the first scheduled date, I will need you to send me all the necessary files.

For more information on what to send and how to send it, I will include a PDF document that will walk you through the process.


MIxing & mastering

This is the bulk of the work and will start on the scheduled date. Turn around time is generally a week or less.

If you are sending me multiple songs, you will receive one song first for the revision process. Once we have this song in the ballpark, I will then use it as a template for the other tracks.



After receiving a mix from me, you are responsible for sending me mix revision notes.


I will send you a separate set of instructions for this process.

You are allowed up to 3 rounds of revisions before imposing additional charges. 




Once all masters are finalized and approved, you will receive a master folder containing all the necessary files for distribution.


From here, I will happily provide resources for content strategy and marketing, and connect you to my network of content creators.


The goal here is success; If you succeed, I succeed. So I'm here to help you get your music heard. 


How much does this all cost?


I've included an estimate with full cost breakdown for your project below. Because every project is unique, please understand that prices are subject to change based on the project requirements.

View Estimate

In plain english (Please read carefully)

Terms and Conditons



The invoice is only refundable up until the schedule start date.

Once that date is officially booked, you will only be eligible to receive a partial refund.

Once work commences, invoices are no longer subject to refunds in fairness to the booking.



Once a scheduled date is set, it is your responsibility to send all the necessary files by that date.

If you need to reschedule, I will try to accommodate you with the next best available date.

If you reschedule, I reserve the right to cancel and forfeit your deposit if the project is delayed for more than 6 months.



Until the invoice is paid in full, I reserve the right to ownership over the files created. This does not mean I own your music, but you may not use any of my work until all fees are settled.

I will hold files for a minimum of 14-days after completion. After those 14-days, I am not responsible for theft or loss of the work.



Here's how to proceed...

To Accept This Proposal, Please Enter Your Information Below

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Let's Get Started

And that's it!


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