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With today's access to free resources and education like never before, you may wonder why lessons are still relevant in developing skills. I can answer that with two words: personalization and misguidance.

A lot of online resources are great in providing quick, generalized information. How many times do you find yourself watching tutorials that don't really apply to what you're doing? How are you supposed to innovate if all you're doing is learning the generic methods and techniques to everyday problems?

What you really need is a
mentor; someone who can go through your work in a one-on-one scenario and break down every step of the process. Someone to diagnose and dissect the struggles you may be having, in a clear and relevant manner. Someone who has been through the trenches, and knows exactly what you're dealing with and how to overcome those obstacles.

Look, I'm not saying I have the answer to every question, but what I can provide you is my years of experience and guidance that I've learned and shared with my peers. This is a fast track to getting to where you need to be in order to level up your skills and career. This is an investment into yourself first, the one constant in your life no matter what your situation is like.


So consider this: You can save literal months of learning by investing a small amount of money into your education. And unlike traditional school systems, this is all about you and your growth. I encourage you to try it out, start with a simple 1-hour lesson and see how you feel. Together, we can discuss your current struggles, answer questions to your problems, and create a roadmap to success in that area, no matter how big or small it may be.

*Prices in Canadian Dollars

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Songwriting & Composition

Together, we can dissect your music and discuss songwriting techniques and strategies to write more effectively.



Production, Mixing, & Mastering

Get critical feedback, production tips, and tutorials on basic to advanced recording, mixing, and mastering concepts.



Music Business & Content Creation

Learn how to build and expand your music business without making your target market feel uncomfortable..


Lesso Bookings


Luc teaching you is a 'best case scenario' when looking for audio lessons. I'd spent hundreds of hours watching tutorials, 'trial and error-ing', listening to the wrong people and struggling to get a solid grasp on exactly HOW to achieve a commercial sound. After finally discovering Luc, I learnt more in the first few lessons than in all my practice before it. Every lesson is filled with detailed, thorough and accurate information coupled with clear explanations, practical demonstrations and instantly utilizable feedback - growing your knowledge, abilities and confidence.
With both a comprehensive understanding of audio and tonnes of real-world experience working with audio - I couldn't recommend anyone better to learn from.
Thanks Luc for all the help so far.

Matthew Bowdler 


Training with Luc was extremely beneficial to my song writing, workflow but most importantly my ear for audio production. Having someone who is a fountain of knowledge, working directly with you and helping sift through the technical language of audio is and has been a blessing. Luc makes learning fun, easy and affordable and I can't recommend his services enough – I wouldn't have half the knowledge I have today without his assistance.

Dan Secord | Hostage, The Cassandra Dilemma

“I believe that Luc’s most important qualities are his patience and knowledge. When I enlist Luc’s help, I know with confidence that I can ask him any question without judgment about the intricacies of audio production. There are a plethora of minor details to know when it comes to audio production and Luc always seems to have the answer. This is precisely why I hire Luc whenever I want to learn anything audio related!”

Vince Anastasi | Itus, Joy Thief,  ex-Vodnik, ex-Sinthetik



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Join one of the fastest growing online communities for metal and hardcore musicians


Members can share their work, seek quality advice on their music, and collaborate with people across the globe.


We also have songwriting contest in which participants are encouraged to collaborate with other writers and win prizes provided by awesome companies.


There are also livestreams in which I interview other professionals on topics like songwriting techniques, inspiration, and other practical advice traditional schools WILL NOT teach you. 

Best of all, it's
FREE. No strings attached, just people helping people. So don't waste anymore time and come join us to see what it's all about.


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